Video Reports for OHM Enterprise Clients

Video Report We continue to tell you about the functionality that we provide to our customers as a Google Ad Tech Partner. Today, let's talk about video campaigns and solutions to simplify working with them.

Let us present to you OHM Video Report — an integrated solution that collects data from all Google Video Action Campaigns in order to discover how campaigns and creatives are performing.

For what purposes should you use the OHM Video Report?

  • Everything you require to estimate the performance of Google Video Action campaigns in one place.
  • Get in-depth analysis without doing any extra work.
  • By quickly assessing creatives, you may increase the performance of your video advertising campaigns.  The interface of the solution is simple and clear, and besides, we customize it specifically for a client.

Do you want to interact with video campaigns and creatives more effectively? Try the OHM Video Report.

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    It aggregates data across all of your Google accounts.

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