How OHM Query marketed toys & impacted their campaign performance in real time

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At the end of 2021, during the holiday period, OHM and toy brand launched advertising campaigns on YouTube for three product categories. With this campaign, we wanted to test how our Query campaigns for children's products worked.

It was important for us to clearly target creatives for specific products to users looking for them, and not show them ads for other products. If a person searches for a specific doll during the Christmas period they most likely plan to give it to a child. However, all the diversity of the product line in advertising leads to irritation. Without clear targeting, we risked angering the audience.

💪 Solution

We used our OHM Query Video Campaign tool. These are personalized YouTube video ads based on user search queries. If a person was looking in Google for, for example, a new doll, then after that they will see an advertisement for this particular doll on YouTube and a suggestion to buy it via the largest online store.

The video consists of dynamic and static components. The video consists of dynamic (advertising dolls) and static components. The static component contains information about the sales channel (children's goods store).

More importantly, we used both app and web purchases for optimization, which allowed us to not lose a single conversion.

👩‍💻 Process

✔️ We took a feed of brands product categories, filtered out queries with the highest frequency, and created audiences of people who are looking for specific products

✔️ We developed a video, consisting of three parts: a basic template, a dynamic part based on search queries, and the most popular product from this category

✔️ We created almost 100 videos for each group of search queries. Here it is important to clarify that the creatives for the videos also played a positive role: they were made by us in-house, in recognizable brand colors.

✔️ We uploaded the videos to YouTube

✔️ We created a cross-device video campaign based on the created audiences and their corresponding videos.

🏆 Results

We had an important task ahead of us. To maximize sales during the hottest season of the year, Christmas. And together with the client, we managed to achieve excellent results.

Buyers have made more than 4000 orders, and the cost per engaged buyer was less than 10 euros

Collaboration across all toy brands continues today, and we are working to optimize the campaigns and improve performance by at least 30%.

For whom is this relevant?

We are confident that Query will be an equally effective tool in the digital promotion of other mass-market consumer products. With our Query tool, retailers can easily set up YouTube advertising campaigns, see how certain creatives perform, and influence their performance in real time.

We already see excellent results from marketplaces and aggregator sites (for example, vehicles).

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