4 Top Tips For Remarketing in Games


With millions of gaming apps vying for attention in app stores, standing out from the competition and maintaining a loyal user base has become increasingly challenging. However, through effective retargeting efforts, you can reconnect with your audience, reignite their interest, and drive higher engagement and conversions.

We want to share 4 tips that we have tested in our own experience with remarketing creatives in gaming. Those things work!

1. Tests, Tests, we need more Tests!

remarketingapps2 First, test your creatives. So, for example, in one creative aimed at bringing back users who have fallen asleep, you might focus on a very simple message - for example, "We miss you!".

Another message - "Your busters wait for you!" - is more complex, and is designed to "hook" users with a reminder of the pleasurable emotions during the game. They all like to win with free busters.

Both messages work, it's important to keep track of which ones are more effective, and to reallocate power. Does a simpler message work better? Modify it and use it. Do both messages work about the same? Make mixes of messages, and try out how they work. In short, the secret to success is A/B testing, constant creative updates and audience observation.

2. Speak the same language as your users

A very simple rule, but how rarely do we follow it, coming up with incredible creatives that have nothing to do with what hooks users into the game. Remember in the last paragraph we mentioned free boosters?

This is something that will remind the user of the pleasant emotions of getting boosters, playing and winning. These are the feelings that keep users coming back to the app.

To succeed, you need to know what it is that emotionally hooks players. And offer them that.

3. Trivia is not trivial

The font, the colours of the letters, the positioning of the characters on the banner, the colours of the background and the hundreds of shades of everything in the world all influence users in different ways. And God only knows which combination might make a person click and go to the app shop.

We don't claim a divine role, so we suggest testing dozens of hypotheses and variations of the same creative, and keeping a close eye on what works.

Remember: Pretty doesn't always work. Aggressive doesn't always work. The funny doesn't always work. But what works will continue to work.

4. Incremental tests and the added value of campaigns


An essential trend that many digital advertising companies have yet to embrace is measuring growth in retargeting campaigns. In order to measure this "growth," it is best to understand what additional value it adds to your game compared to the organic or natural return of players. Retargeting those players who wouldn't otherwise convert is a natural strategy.

Small conclusions

  • Speak to the user in their own language
  • Remember you are offering emotions, not a game
  • Test anything and everything
  • Your ambitious goal is those who would not return to the game without you

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