OHM became Google Ad Tech Partner and created App Dashboard

Google Ad Tech Partner

If you work with app performance, you can find yourself spending countless hours gathering data from your Google UAC campaigns, trying to assess their performance and evaluate creative effectiveness.

We have an option for you.  Let us introduce you to the OHM App Dashboard, the complete solution for managing your Google UAC campaigns. With OHM App Dashboard, you can finally have all of your data in one place, ready for deep dive analysis, campaign debugging, and creative insights.

Some facts:

  • You'll save time, money, and resources with the dashboard since it's automated and constantly updated.
  • It aggregates data across all of your Google accounts, giving you the ability to quickly evaluate the performance of your app campaigns & assess creative performance.
  • It allows you to identify where your campaigns are performing well or where they are having problems.

No more tedious task of manual data gathering and report creation – just  achieve actionable insights from your Google UAC advertising with OHM App Dashboard. Spend less time creating and maintaining app performance reports and more time growing your business.

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