Quarter 5 in Game Marketing. 5 Tips


It's the period between mid-December and early January when some businesses capitalize on the holiday season and the post-Christmas shopping spree.

During this time, many companies offer special promotions, discounts, and sales to attract shoppers who are looking for post-holiday deals. It's a way to extend the holiday shopping season and boost end-of-year sales. Retailers often see a significant surge in consumer spending as people take advantage of the discounts to make purchases or exchanges after the holidays. It's a strategic move to make the most out of the festive spirit and keep the momentum going into the new year.

And what about the gaming industry?

For gaming companies, the Q5 marketing period can be a lucrative time as well. Here's how they can benefit:

  • Game Sales: Offering special discounts, promotions, and bundles during this time can attract gamers who are looking to spend their holiday gift cards or take advantage of end-of-year sales. This can lead to increased game sales and broader player acquisition.
  • In-Game Events and Updates: Running special in-game events, releasing new content, or providing holiday-themed updates can engage existing players and encourage them to spend more time (and possibly money) in the game during the holiday season.
  • Hardware Sales: Since the holiday season often sees an increase in the sale of gaming consoles and accessories, gaming companies can benefit indirectly if their games are exclusive to certain platforms or if they have partnerships with hardware manufacturers.
  • Gift Card Redemptions: Many people receive gaming-related gift cards during the holidays. By offering attractive in-game items, exclusive content, or discounts for gift card redemptions, gaming companies can encourage players to use their newly acquired virtual currency.
  • Community Engagement: The holiday season is a time when people have more leisure time. Engaging with the gaming community through social media, live streams, and community events can foster a sense of connection and loyalty, strengthening the player-base.

In essence, it's a time for gaming companies to not only boost sales but also to build and strengthen relationships with their player community. The festive spirit can create a positive and memorable experience for gamers, contributing to long-term player retention.

You haven't prepared for Q5 yet?

Catch a few ideas!

  • Flash Sales and Limited-Time Offers: Create special in-game offers, discounts, or bundles that are only available for a limited time. This urgency can drive players to make purchases during the holiday season.
  • Holiday-Themed Events: Introduce festive in-game events, challenges, or activities that align with the holiday spirit. This can attract both new and existing players who are looking for a seasonal and engaging experience.
  • Collaborations and Partnerships: Consider partnering with other mobile games, influencers, or brands for cross-promotions. Collaborative events or giveaways can expand your reach and attract new players.
  • Email Marketing: If you have a mailing list, utilize it to send out newsletters with exclusive Q5 promotions, updates, and special offers. Remind players of the value they can get by engaging with your game during the holiday season.
  • Player Appreciation: Show gratitude to your player community with in-game gifts, exclusive content, or bonus items. Expressing appreciation can foster goodwill and encourage players to stay engaged.

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