Marketing in Retail: What trends will we see in 2024?


It's been a long time since we've seen you! We don't know about you, but we've been fully immersed in the shopping frenzy: first Black Friday, then Christmas preparations, and then the various mid-season discounts started right away. This is interesting to us both as shoppers and as marketers working with retail.

Want to know what retail and marketing trends will characterize 2024? We have collected the rest for you - read, use, share with colleagues and put into practice.


No one can do without artificial intelligence today - even in the work on this blog it sometimes takes part. This year, we will see the expansion of AI application areas in retail: for security, customer behavior and analytics, and support. And, of course, we will not do without robotic salespersons!

Focus on support

Whether by robots or quite real people - but global retail, both big and small players, will have to deal with the quality of support. Right now, it works well only for very small players, when the startup team can personally respond to everyone. But only a handful of players are able to scale these practices so far. But it is the support team that is the thin spot, and when you meet with them, the customer either becomes very loyal or loses his or her sympathy for the site.


Personalization in customer interactions is one of the top 2024 trends in retail. According to Forrester research, 73% of shoppers want the companies they shop with to "make them feel good about themselves". Yet only 18% of respondents are satisfied with the level of personalization when interacting with them.

The path to customer satisfaction lies precisely in the development of personalization. Today's customer doesn't care as much about brand, price, delivery time, or even quality as they do about whether a salesperson can read their mind and anticipate their desires.

More, more video

Instagram and TikTok, well, and YouTube of course, have accustomed the entire world to consuming video. In advertising, too, those who are able to convey their messages accurately and without fuss in video format win. We believe that video advertising is poised for a new round of growth in 2024. Both in brandformance and performance.

Social media shopping

More and more online shopping takes place directly on social networks. Today, a buyer, having seen an advertisement for a T-shirt, can go to the catalog, review the products, choose sizes and pay for the purchase - and all this without going to the website of the brand or trading platform. Want to get more purchases? Organize a storefront right inside social media.

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