OHM App Dashboard saves time on UAC campaigns & creative performance analysis

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Working with app performance, marketers spend countless hours gathering data from Google UAC campaigns in order to assess their performance and evaluate creative effectiveness. Saving time and effort is what our App Reporting Dashboard helps with.

As Google's technology advertising partner, we did a pilot campaign report for the Joom Marketplace.

OHM App Dashboard — solution for managing  Google UAC campaigns. With this Dashboard, marketers can finally have all of their data from many networks (such as Search, YouTube, Display) in one place, ready for deep dive analysis, campaign debugging, and creative insights.

60% less time to evaluate the effectiveness of creatives. This is also relevant for creatives in different languages and in different countries, which is especially important when working in Europe.

“This solution gives a helicopter view to several campaigns at once and makes working with creatives transparent and efficient” Sergey Pustovetov (Joom)

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    EVE Online

    We developed a technology that was able to incorporate post-view conversions in the results.

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    it's a dashboard that collects data on multiple campaigns simultaneously.

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