Introducing the Performance Max Report for those who love automated campaigns


We are developing our technical partnership with Google and have made another report that allows advertisers to perform detailed analysis of their PMax campaigns: Performance Max Report.

Let's remind you what Performance Max is.

  • Performance Max is a campaign type that can show ads across all of Google's advertising channels: Search, Shopping, YouTube, Display, Discover, Gmail, and Maps.
  • It allows you to optimize campaigns for specific goals that are defined at the beginning of the campaign.
  • Performance Max doesn't have the audience targeting settings you're used to: Google decides who to show your ads to. In other words, P.Max is a starting point for finding the right customers and is ideal for those who want to try Google Ads, have a good budget, but do not want to spend time and resources on complex targeting and settings. It is a tool for those who choose the most automated solutions. It's freeing up even more time for other tasks.

OHM Performance Max Report

pmax it's a dashboard that collects data on multiple campaigns simultaneously.

  • Advertisers can see the results of all their campaigns at one dashboard, select different periods and compare them.
  • Our customers, who use this report, say that the most useful features are the ability to compare assets performance at one tab, and recommendations for asset groups on compliance with Google's best practices.

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