What would you choose? DV360 VS Google Ads

dv360 "How is  DV360 different from Google Ads, or is it the same thing?" — this is a question we often get from our new clients. We use both of these platforms, and each has its own positive aspects, so we decided to tell you more about the difference.

Google Ads is Google's standard (and free) advertising platform, typically used for search advertising, but in recent years -- and for display advertising, YouTube and other venues. Display & Video 360 is part of the Google Marketing Platform, a platform that can be used for display campaigns, video, audio, and so on.

Here are 5 things about how systems differ:

  • Reach and Targeting. The simplest and most illustrative example: DV360 has more reach due to its access to multiple exchanges. With DV360, you can reach more users across a wider range of sites, which means more room for targeting.
  • Integration with data management platforms (DMPs) like CM360.  Combined, they enable more detailed analytics, use combinations of first-party and third-party audiences, and track/optimize on cross-device conversions.
  • Third party data. Google Ads only provides Google targeting data. Many third-party providers are connected to the DV360. This opens up more targeting opportunities for us.
  • Bidding. DV360 provides more algorithmic automated machine buying capabilities than Google Ads. In addition, you can independently optimize your manual purchases more widely than with Google Ads.
  • Google Ads is available to everyone, and DV360 can only be accessed through certified partners. Want to try DV360? Contact us, as a certified Google Partner we will tell you more about the features of the system and suggest the best solutions.

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