How Joom & OHM have dramatically improved all metrics with DV360 app re-engagement campaigns

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A vital important task for business is to reach as many application users as possible and convert them to the segment of active purchases. This is exactly the task we faced when working with our client Joom: it was important for the company to increase revenue from the current audience of the application.

Joom is a marketplace that helps consumers to make shopping easy and entertaining and gives access to high-quality goods from around the world. The main objective of marketing is to increase revenue both by attracting new customers and by working with the current customer base. The main focus of client marketing is the promotion of a mobile application. It is with the mobile application that business connects the most promising points of growth.

In other words, we set out to expand the reach of mobile remarketing. We chose DV360 as an additional tool to Google Ads because we knew it could reach a wider audience and was a good tool for remarketing campaigns.

What have we done?

  • The primary channel was Google Ads, but we also decided to offer DV360 as it has an extensive mobile inventory. We assumed that this would lead to additional quality coverage at a lower cost.
  • We decided to set up CM360 and integrate with the Adjust mobile tracker to export conversions and audiences.
  • It was critical to track conversions throughout the campaign and update audiences in CM360 to stop showing ads to users who had previously purchased. We solved this issue by utilizing our internal mobile platform OHM Smalldata, which allowed us to dynamically exclude such users from targeting.
  • To optimize the campaign, we intended to use DV360's built-in strategies both during the campaign training process and during its further optimization. In order to optimize campaigns for the major event—purchase—we started with a CPC-minimization strategy and gradually moved to the CPA optimization.

What results did we get?

The results exceeded our expectations: adding Display & Video 360 to our Google Ads App Engagement campaigns has allowed us to dramatically improve all metrics, especially Reach and Revenue.

“The expectations from launching a remarketing campaign in DV360 have been fully justified. We saw that DV360 is a great tool for increasing sales from the current audience of the application. With a competent approach to working with the audience, setting up automation of its transmission and updating, you can effectively communicate with app's users and motivate them to repeat purchases.” Sergey Pustovetov (Joom)

"At OHM, we always strive to find new ways to improve our campaign’s experience. That's why we decided to add Display & Video 360 to the mix. Our Reach and Revenue metrics skyrocketed - in just one month, we generated 6 times more sales and 9 times more revenue with the same audience and targeting. The impact of Display & Video 360 on our campaigns has been truly transformative. We highly recommend it to any company looking to take their Google Ads strategy to the next level” Roman Osokin (CEO of OHM)

Read more about our work with mobile remarketing here.

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