Google Video Campaigns. 4 reasons to try

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Want to try video advertising and don’t know where to start? Let’s start by talking about Google Video Campaigns, which help you complete a variety of tasks with video ads on YouTube and partner sites.

What can you get with Google Video Campaigns?

Achieve your goals

You can be interested in traffic to the site or applications, increase in sales or other specific business indicators, branding and repositioning of your company. Whatever specific goals you have, video advertising will help you achieve them as effectively as possible.

Reach the audience you need, not just on YouTube

You can work with audiences using Google’s wide range of targeting options. This is available not only on YouTube and Google services, but also in a wide and proven partner network.

Analyze campaign performance

You can track all the metrics you want to estimate how your campaigns perform and adjust them as needed.

Video ad sequencing

Tell the story of your brand or product with a video sequence. Video storytelling allows you to get to know you better, increase interest or loyalty.

We have access to exclusive Google betas, our own video advertising solutions (integrated with Google), extensive expertise in running campaigns for the large projects. Whether or not you want to start a video campaign through Google.Ads or Display & Video 360, we can help you.

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